Meetrip is a travel community marketplace, where locals offer a wide variety of authentic and area-specific experiences for visitors. At Meetrip, anyone who is willing to share his or her favorite local places and activities has the opportunity to become a Meetrip local.

Even with the array of guidebooks and travel information on the internet, local daily life and best-kept secrets are still only known by local people.
We believe that we can make the world a better place with Meetrip. At Meetrip, you can meet and learn from local people from diverse background.

Meetrip opened the beta version in Taipei and Tokyo on Sep 18th, 2012, and expanded to 10 more Asian cities on Nov 8th.

In Nov 2013, to expand Meetrip all over the world, we thought it would be best to make a big change, and Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd. was set to launch global travel service around the same time. We had the same vision.
Together, we decided to transfer Meetrip service to Donuts Bangkok.

Annually, about 16 million travelers visit Bangkok, making it the world’s top tourist destination in 2013.
By moving to Bangkok, we believe we can expand the concept of Meetrip, “Travel with Local People” to all over the world.